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Help Desk Training
Competent help desk personnel and help desk managers provide many benefits for all parties involved - the employee, the business for which the employee works, and the customers who contact the company looking for service. As in any industry, the well-trained and experienced employee is the most valuable since the employee can handle problems and can boost revenue. This produces the most returns on company investment, which in this case, is the employees salary. While on-the-job training is certainly a valuable asset, there are programs and classes available that can contribute to increased knowledge and proficiency for both entry level and seasoned help desk professionals.

Training programs, available both face-to-face and over the Internet, can benefit the companys bottom line. Successful training programs can: enhance a companys image, improve employee understanding of the business, and help to develop metrics to determine the efficacy of dollars spent on employee training. These benefits are the benefits that training programs tout to recruit businesses looking for ways to improve overall efficiency and productivity. Some programs are targeted toward entry-level employees and try teaching them the ins and outs of the help desk industry. Others are directed toward professionals already familiar with the basics, but need increased training to improve their skills and increase their productivity.

Some companie that specialize in training programs offer both education and certification, along with enterprise consulting. Many of these programs are not industry specific, but promise a cross-industry approach. Some of these companies use email, interactive study programs, Webinars, and personalized tutors as the basis of their appeal. Other companies offer curriculums that are oftentimes self-paced, allowing an employee to improve his or her skills, without returning to a classroom or leaving work for any substantial period of time. An individual can train, for example, to become a help desk director or manager, without ever leaving his or her desk.

More specifically, team leadership, strategic support decision-making, and revenue generation, are some of the topics outlined in help desk training certification guidelines. The individual can explore the possibilities for assisting the company in realizing a greater return on investment, as well as development and maintenance of formal procedures to increase consistency and productivity. Methods for implementing resolution at first customer contact and management of customer perceptions are topics of study as well as ways to monitor and use industry trends to plan strategic outcomes for the employees particular organization. And, the bottom line, according to training program literature, is happier, more satisfied customers, which can generate repeat business and increased revenues.

Some of the nations major universities and training programs offer help desk training and certification programs. Many of the countrys most prestigious corporations endorse such programs and use them for employee training. For those companies seeking to provide extra training for existing employees, or to give initial training to entry level employees, such programs can provide a significant resource to complement and/or enhance those on-the-job courses that are already in place. If no on-the-job training is available within a business, the company may choose to use outsourced, web-based training as their primary means of providing new employees with value-added skills. Many of the programs are targeted not to new employees, but to professionals already functioning within the industry who can benefit from a brush-up or increased skills training.

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