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Help Desk Manager
The help desk in any organization has a crucial mission to perform and one that is integral in helping the business accomplish a strategic plan. The help desk director should be prepared in advance to explain the help desks mission to senior management and justify not only the operations costs, but show in detail exactly how and why the primary missions are being accomplished. The best way to do this is for help desk management to have a formal presentation on tap and constantly updated, that explains the help desks added value to the business. It should include everything from metrics to a variety of reports about people, financials, and processes.

Some of the topics that should be included in the reports that senior management may request from a help desk manager are:
  1. An explanation of current help desk operations, including an updated organizational chart. This report should include the scope of the services offered, current projects, business impact measurements, and some information regarding particular successes. In addition, the report might include a value proposition, a statement of return on investment, and information about the help desks role as a critical part of the businesss overall strategic positioning.

  2. A statement of the help desks vision and support strategy that clearly outlines where operations are at present and gives a roadmap for where they are going in the future.

    An assessment of current strengths and weaknesses, in addition to opportunities and potential threats. This is a standard document that is easy to develop.

  3. A project plan that identifies areas for continuous improvement. This kind of reporting shows how the help desk is aligned with the rest of the business and how the goals are going to be achieved. The companys overall business plan might be included in this portion of the report and it should outline how the help desk fits into and enables operations in other parts of the business as a whole.

  4. A plan for strategic sourcing that lists the services provided by the help desk and delineates them by services that are provided directly and those that are, or should be, outsourced.

  5. A human resource plan that describes the people involved in help desk functioning including their job descriptions, accomplishments, training needs, and total costs to the business. Skills that are inherent in the help desk team, along with skills that need to be developed or hired, should be included.

  6. A training and development plan should indicate how those particular activities are to be conducted, both in the case of new personnel and for those who have been with the company for a period of time and need enhanced or additional skills. The report should indicate how training will be conducted - i.e., in house, outsourced, through coaching and mentoring activities, or by some other means.

  7. A business and projects plan lists what the department is currently involved in and how that department interacts with the rest of the business.

  8. A marketing and communications plan that can be used to show how the help desk is marketed within and outside the organization.

  9. A cost per contact plan can be a valuable tool to take a look at the support level required for each type of call received and how much each type of contact costs the company. Such a plan can also identify plans for lowering the costs associated with various levels of support.
When help desk management is armed with a pre-prepared presentation regarding all aspects of help desk functioning and its value within the company, it is easier to convince senior management personnel of the departments place within the overall company structure. It also convinces them that the help desk is currently being managed competently.

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