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IT Help Desks
Help desks have moved away from just the traditional domain of the customer call center, largely due to innovations in IT and reduced costs of hardware and software. Customer services are moving in house, where they can be managed more readily given the complexity of IT services and the need to ensure that computer services are operating at maximum potential. For that to happen, however, critical systems also have to be managed in house.

The various services already inherent in an IT department integrate functionally with help desk services and make for a good working match. The use of web based software for network and security monitoring, for example, becomes more practical in an IT department. Remote management and hardware and software auditing are two other services that are beneficial for service desk operation. In addition management of equipment loans, stocks of spare equipment and management of consumables become more efficient when they are all performed in one place rather than scattered out throughout a company.

Self help to the end user directly from the users browser is one of the primary benefits of the web based help desk. The corporate Intranet supports all of the various requirements including user requests, user support, the web server, management reports and the network management server. Thus, frequently asked questions can be posted and accessed by the end user when the problem sems to be one that would be common to more than one user. The net result is that more users find their own answers to questions and the help desk work load is substantially reduced. End users can log and track their own calls.

Technicians are able to move from call to call more quickly, concentrating on only the most difficult questions. They are also able to log into the system from the computer they are currently working on to receive the next call, reducing travel time back and forth from their own desk to other computer stations throughout a facility. Updates can be received from virtually anywhere on the network, as can call logs. When remote dial up access is added to the mix, technicians who are on the move between various locations can gain access from wherever they may find themselves including home.

Companies are finding that they save time and money by providing web based help desk software and combining the services inside the IT department rather than locating them in various divisions or management groups within the company.

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