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Technology is consistently playing a huge role in updating and refining the work of corporate help desks. The solutions automated systems provide are becoming so refined that they can substantially relieve the strains todays business environment places on both personnel and infrastructure.

Manufacturers claim that integrated help desk technology is capable of providing increased knowledge resources and consolidating those knowledge resources across disparate organizations to save time and money. Customers benefit, they contend, because they receive more immediate and more accurate answers to their questions and therefore, repeat business is generated through customer satisfaction with the help desk process.

These types of solutions, the manufacturers say, actually decrease the time spent finding a answer to customer inquiries because every level of the problem resolution process is expedited. Automated systems find answers faster, deploy them more expeditiously, and are invaluable in handling the kinds of frequent and repetitive incidents that comprise up to 80% of help desk incidents in many industries.

First call resolution has increased, manufacturers claim, because more information is available more quickly. Even those calls that must be routed to a live agent can be answered more frequently on the first try, because the automated system can more readily place a large volume of information at the agents fingertips and is reliable enough to determine which information is need and when.

Agents, in some cases require less training, rather than more, because they can use the software to assist customers and learn how to resolve an issue using the softwares knowledge base. The knowledge base can be populated with previous solutions to similar problems that agents can quickly access to assist the customers. Because employees are able to answer their own questions via the software, they are less likely to have to seek outside solutions. Further, agents are able to handle more calls and more customer interactions in less time than was previously necessary, thereby increasing overall productivity levels for both individual agents and the call center as a whole.

Agents, overall, experience increased levels of employee satisfaction with their jobs, manufacturers say, because they are able to handle larger volumes and are able to answer questions and resolve issues that are beyond the normal scope of their expertise. Because their workflow is expedited by solutions that seamlessly integrate all existing help desk operations into one smooth flowing system, agents find that their jobs are easier and less tedious.

In general, manufacturers claim that automated help desk software systems can provide for more effective handling of unexpected work spikes, in addition to increasing agent productivity overall. The level of support is increased while agents are assisted by technologies that allow them to focus their time and effort on more complex and important company issues while still preserving top-level servce that customers have grown to expect.

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