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If you wish to contact us, you can reach us at guide at this domain name. We have not listed our complete email address to prevent email address harvesting software. We do hear from a lot of people and organizations that attempt to contact us. Man y of these questions can be divided into the following areas:


When call center managers or IT professionals review our web site, we are quite interested in hearing their feedback. Sometimes we hear stories of companies that are looking for help desk software and have found helpful information on our site. Other times we learn how a particular piece of information might have been helpful for them at the beggining of the search. In thius case, we may try to alter the articles and guides on our site to accomodate the question or information that the company would have liked to see.

Help Searching

Other people contact us becuase they want to know if we have other resources that might be avilable for them when they are searching for help desk software. We have researched many of the help desk software companies and understand that there are some good options avilable. The type of software selected will be depending on an organizations' size, help desk needs, IT resources, and security policies. We have a lot of resources available on our site. Please check them before attempting to contact us.

Other Reasons

If you would like to contact us for any other reason, please email us at the address listed on the top of this page.
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