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Call Center Outsourcing
With more choices available than ever for outsourcing call center resources, it is important to consider all aspects of a businesss needs, rather than just focusing on cost of operations. Overseas call centers have proliferated in the past few years, with India responsible for the bulk of overseas call center growth. Whether it is onshore of offshore, if a business is considering outsourcing its call center, it must not lose site of the basic elements that make a call center successful. Carefully planning the outsourcing relationship in advance can save numerous headaches and prevent lost revenue later.

Before entering a relationship with an outside firm to provide call center services for a business, it is especially critical to determine what the needs of the particular business are. Determining the areas where the call center does things well and determining the areas where it needs improvement are two items that should be paramount in the mind of any decision maker. Once the company determines these, managers can set targets that will allow the outsourcer to work within parameters dictated by the business in question and improve the situation rather than continuing with the status quo. However, without proper planning and implementation, it is unlikely the outsourced services will prove to be any more effective than the businesss in-house service offerings.

In working with an outsourced call center, it is important to make them very aware of what is going on inside the business they are representing. They need to be able to disseminate information about the business and to have current updates in order to apprise customers of changes. If the company is seeking to promote a certain idea or branding message, but the call center is contradicting this message or not supporting it, the call center may be harming the companys overall marketing and branding effort or may even be telling the customer things that are not true.

A good technique for motivating call center employees, since they do not work directly for the firm they are representing, is to offer them additional performance based compensation. Once a company has determined which services are the most desirable in the call center, it can go about rewarding the people in the call center who provide the best level of those services. These rewards should be based on tangible and measurable metrics and should properly incentive the workers.

Continued and ongoing communication about the business, the partnership between the business and the call center, and the services being offered, are other essential elements of an outstanding call center relationship. A call center that provides something more than just the basics, but actually contributes to an ongoing partnership between the two businessesand conducts business with an eye to improving its partners businesses, can be a valuable ally. Such a call center service will not only answer questions and resolve problems, but will take the extra step of determining why people are calling in the first place. It is then possible for it to provide business feedback and substantial value to these customers.

Although cost savings may be the first criteria that a business considers when seeking outsourced services, in the long run these savings may not be the most important factor. It is important to actually visit the call center, and view their methods and reporting features first hand because that type of interaction provides a much better overview than instruction on what the company hopes the call center will accomplish.

When a business chooses a call center for the ways and means by which it can meet the businesss objectives and how it can be adjusted to suit changing needs, the relationship will ultimately be much more successful than one predicated on pricing factors alone.

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