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Help Desk Software Upgrade
Upgrading outdated help desk software can be expensive or even impossible, if the technology is no longer supported. Sometimes the only alternative is replacement with a current software application, and many companies are finding that doing so is well worth the costs involved both in terms of functionality and return on investment. Companies have reported huge cost savings and substantially improved service levels as the result of purchasing updated help desk software packages.

Evaluating the new technologies before purchasing them is a critical step and many companies are choosing solutions that dont require a client-side software application because there are less opportunities to conflict with existing software. Field workers can close tickets without having to return to their desks and can check for new work that has come in, directly from the computer they are working on.

Speeding installation is a motivating factor for many purchasers. Some of the newer packages can be installed within a two week period, which gets the help desk up and running more efficiently in a far shorter period of time than previously necessary. In addition to speed of installation, companies want to look to the future when purchasing software upgrades. The systems adaptability for other uses and its ability to work with CRM applications are clearly features that need to be considered. While price is a lesser consideration than functionality, the price must also be within the realm of reason and be recoverable within a specified time period.

Many vendors will build a pilot version of their product and test on the companys system. After first allowing the customer to make sure the software will do what it was supposed to do, the vendor can then customize the software to suit the particular organizations needs. Planning and testing can ensure that the final product that is purchased runs smoothly and is thoroughly documented.

When the system installation is complete, company employees must be trained to use it and many reputable vendors provide training as part of the software purchase. There are a variety of training solutions available in the form of online self-paced courses or even on-site training at the vendors facility. The result is a solid understanding of the software system and its functionalities.

Much of the savings to be realized from installing a new software system is the ability to automate much of the help desk workflow. It becomes easier to get tickets entered into the system and have them automatically routed to the people who are best prepared to deal with them. Just the ability to get work quickly assigned to the right technicians frees desk agents to answer frontline phone calls more quickly. In many cases, almost all help desk calls can be resolved in five minutes or less.

Additional savings can be realized from being able to cut back on backlogged tickets since updated systems process them faster than outdated ones. In some cases, less field personnel are required because of the ability to quickly switch from one job to the other without having to return to the office.

In short, companies that have clung to their old systems until they are no longer viable and then been frced to switch to updated software often find themselves wondering why they didnt make the move sooner.

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