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Web Based Help Desk Software
The advantage of connecting end users to the help desk through a Web browser is that both employees and customers can find many of the solutions to their own problems, freeing up help desk personnel to pursue more complicated questions that really need their attention.

A large majority of the questions that come to a help desk, particularly in high tech industries, are related to fairly mundane difficulties like forgotten passwords and common problems. Help desk personnel spend a great deal of time helping to reset passwords and answering the same questions over and over again.

Web based help desk software lets end users have access to the help desk round the clock and whether the help desk is open or not. It also allows people to pursue their own forgotten passwords and/or reset their passwords. Individuals can find answers to commonly asked questions on their own without any assistance from the help desk other than access to its databases. When a self search does not generate the answers the user is seeking, a trouble ticket can be initiated and help desk personnel are alerted to the difficulty. They can research the problem and email a solution to the user.

According to some experts, however, once the utility of Web based systems was discovered, a proliferation of systems rapidly flooded the market. The possibilities for delivering the form filling requirements of a call logging and tracking system have been developed into sophisticated applications, some of which were brand new and some of which were simply rewrites of existing solutions.

In a Web enabled help desk solution, ASP pages provide access to a database through a Web browser, which has introduced new ways of working. Some of those new ways of working are more successful than others. Companies that are considering adding Web based help desk software to their artillery of end user solutions, should approach the situation with caution and be aware that the hype surrounding the software makes some questionable claims.

Some vendors allow a sort of test drive by providing a downloadable trial version of their software that is available via Internet. This is an advisable step because a company can make certain that the software is going to be installable and provide the advertised functions. If a system cannot be installed and configured to work with existing software, the purchaser cannot derive the intended benefits, or will have to hire a consultant to make the system work. Knowing the practical aspects of the software solution before actually purchasing it can be extremely beneficial to the purchaser.

There are both old and new vendors in the market and it behooves the buyer to investigate the vendors background and reputation before buying a solution from them. Nobody wants to end up with a system that either doesnt work as intended, cannot be integrated with existing systems, or that will not have support because the vendor is rapidly going out of business.

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